BeRape RamAi BaCa BLoG aKoo Nih???

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

MeSeJ BuLaN FeBruari?? JiWaNG kAh akUu??

Greeting to all....

Wow, this month (February) , brings a lot of wonderful and beautiful stories to us!...Perhaps for those who are still single (like sad), February doesn't mean anything to them. But, I don't think that it's wrong if I share 1 or 2 great stories about love that I got from SMS; to be read, as love is universal. Maybe, you can use these stories to be sent to your special one, and the one you love...Everyday is about love, rite??? hehe :)

1st story
[This is a cute love story...]

Girl : Am I pretty? (",)
Boy : You? No...
Girl : ('_') Do you want to live with me?
Boy : Of course I don't want...
Girl : (',') Will you cry if I leave you?
Boy : No... I won't cry...

The girl start to cry... :(
But the boy pulled her close to him and said...

"...You're not pretty, but prettiest. I don't want to live with you, but I want live for you. If you leave me, I won't cry, but I die..."

The girl stop cry and give him the sweetest smile and the warmest kiss ever (on his cheek lar..)

2nd Story
{This is a cold love story...}

Before marriage:-

He : Yes! I've been waiting for this moment!
She : Do you want to leave me?
He : NO! Don't even think about it!
She : Do you love me?
He : Of course! Over and over...
She : Have you ever cheated on me?
He : No! Why are you even asking that??
She : Will you kiss me?
He : Every chance I get.
She : Will you hit me?
He : Are you crazy? I'm not that kind of person.
She : Can I trust you?
He : Yes!
She : Darling....

After marriage...
Just read it from bottom to top!

As the conclusion, love is a priceless thing...Remember this words...
"...Jangan tinggalkan orang yang kita SAYANG, semata-mata untuk orang yang kita SUKA, kerana orang yang kita SUKA akan tinggalkan kita untuk orang yang mereka SAYANG...Jangan pula cuba mendapatkan apa yang kita SAYANG, tapi SAYANG lah dengan apa yang kita ada sebelum kita kehilangan apa yang kita SAYANG, kerana orang yang SAYANG kan kita mungkin orang yang sebenarnya kita SAYANG... Lebih baik untuk kita bersama orang yang SAYANG kan kita daripada orang yang kita SAYANG, kerana orang yang kita SAYANG mungkin hanya SUKA kan kita tanpa rasa SAYANG !!!
Happy Loving and Caring...

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