BeRape RamAi BaCa BLoG aKoo Nih???

Monday, March 30, 2009

My BIG 21th !!! im already 21, n im so afraid of getting old, fat n ugly...
but my friend told me,
"ko tak tua, tp berusia..."
"ko tak gemuk, tp berisi..."
"ko tak buruk, tp comel..."

argh!! that's not da answer that im looking for...
i wonder..
if i get old, do i still can enjoy myself like dis??
if i get fat, do someone still look at me n give their smile?
and if i get ugly, do anyone be right here with me???

am I wrong to be older, fatter n uglier??


  1. Happy besday My twins..sory wich lmbt..hu3

  2. haduish...bukan dah boroi ke...hahhahah